Monday, March 6, 2017

Experimenting with Writing Style - Screenwriting??

So I’ve written poetry and fiction forever. You’ve seen some of my work in the past weeks. That kind of work is right in my wheelhouse.

Even creative non-fiction is comfortable for me and I’ve always enjoyed a good research project.

But in college I had the opportunity to take a film focused writing class. Mostly we were studying films and how to write about them, more like reviews with a deeper technical knowledge of the art.

But as a final project we were given the opportunity to write either a straight up film critique, or to incorporate some screenwriting into the project. When my teachers provided a creative option – that is always where I went, so I wrote my first screenplay.

It’s probably crap, it was a total experiment with a new style of writing where I didn’t really know much of the rules. But damn it was fun!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

T5W: Fictional Jobs You'd Want to Have

For this week's Top 5 Wednesday (more infor on the GoodReads page) the subject is what fictional jobs you would want to have.

I had a lot of trouble coming up with this list because most of my dream jobs are ... from Harry Potter.

Just give me magic and I'm a happy girl!

But anyway, I diversified a bit and here we go!