Friday, January 27, 2017

Nerdy Fitness Motivation

For the new year, I decided to take up running and started a beginner's training program. Every other day I get out and run. 

A few days ago, I was challenged to run for a full 20 minutes without walking and I was struggling.

"Just don't stop," I told myself. "You can slow down, speed up, whatever. Just. Don't. Stop."

But while I was running, I had some time to think. Why should I not stop? What was keeping me going? Health? Fitness? Endurance?

Some of that. 

But a strange thought occured to me as I ran - 

"You would have never made it as a Power Ranger if you let your self stop."


See, when I was young (and still now, really) I loved Power Rangers. While other girls in my class wanted to grow up and be the first female president, I wanted to be the first female red ranger.

But child-me never actually did anything towards that goal. So now that I'm getting up and active, I find that childhood, nerdy dream, to be a great motivator to get out, even when I am not feeling it.

After all, if I ever get chosen by Zordon, abducted by aliens, or called to defend this world from threats internal and external - I should be able to run for at least 20 minutes.

So for the sake of the Earth, I get out and run.

What about you? What gets you out there, running/writing/dreaming?
What's your nerdy motivation?

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