Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bookish Musings: Detective Novels

Alright! Today is a bit different than I expected because I had a whole post planned on my laptop.... and then I went on a trip and left my laptop at home without posting it.


So today, I've decided to share some Bookish Musings and I'm curious about your input on -

Detective Novels

In the last few weeks I've read 2 dedicated P.I. novels, and before that I had read 0.

What I've found in these books (Where Angels Fear to Tread by Thomas Sniegoski & School Days by Robert B. Parker) is that ... detectives bore me.

This may not be a popular opinion, I don't know. But the serialization that seems to be part and parcel with a detective novel means it's hard to connect with a character or the world in a single book.

Also, the books I read weren't the first in either series. Maybe that was a failure on my part.

I had hoped to get at least a bit of backstory but it seemed to get swept under the rug instead.

This is really what bugged me - the individual case seemed to wither take up a whole scene or be entirely missing.

There was not a great deal of weaving stories.

Instead the books were segmented and rather one-dimensional.

Does anyone else see this in PI/Detective novels? Or is it just me?

I just couldn't really get into the story. They both seemed like a single episode of a series, and School Days felt more like filler than an integral story.

Thoughts? Opinions? Am I totally wrong? Let me know!

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