Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Non-Book Favorites

Top 5 Wednesday is usually about your top 5 books in a category - but not this week!
This week we are listing non-book favorites of the moment and I'm really excited about it!


5. Rogue NASA twitter account
I am constantly reading all the terrible things going on since Trump took office and this account (and all the others like it) just brings me joy in this resistance. There has been fundraising, general protest information, and science facts! 
Personally, I am horrible at science, but I am grateful to all the people who contribute to making the world better and more knowledgeable!

4. My Fitbit
I got myself and my family Fitbits for Christmas and I really love mine. It's glitchy as hell, but it's a fun challenge to get me up and moving every day. Also, getting badges for things like how many steps you get in a day or how many miles you've walked since getting the fitbit!
It's fun!

3. My Planner!
I've watched a bunch of planning videos on YouTube, and last year I got a Happy Planner, which I loved. It was fun to decorate and useful for tracking what I do on a given day. This year I have a Recollections Planner from Michaels, and I use it almost everyday.
It makes me feel productive!

2.Lipstick Queen - Frog Prince
Another purchase from last year, but one I love so so much - Frog Prince lipstick from Lipstick Queen. I bought this with some credits I got from reviewing items from Birchbox last year and I have never loved a lip color as much as I love this one. 

If you've never heard of the Frog Prince lipstick, it's a bit of a gimmicky product where the lipstick itself looks green, but when you put it on it turns pick and the exact shade is based on your PH levels. 
I love the color on me, but I also love how smooth and hydrating the lipstick is itself. I often just leave this in my purse and frequently use it when I forget to pocket my chapstick before I leave the house. Total 5 out of 5. Absolutely love!

Finally, my number one is the Netflix original animation - Voltron: Lengendary Defender.
Aliens! Space Robots! Character Development!

This show has been on my radar since it came out in June (I think) because one of the voice actors is Bex Taylor-Klaus, who I love from shows like Arrow and MTV's Scream. But despite my interest, I only watched it a few weeks ago when season 2 came out and man ... I love this show!

The characters are complex, the writing is funny, and the action scenes are cool. I never watched the original '80s cartoon and probably never will, but Legendary Defender has my heart and soul. I am totally addicted, and the fanart is brilliant! I could probably gush about this forever without actually saying anything except "Oh my god!" "So cute!" "Gahhhhh!"

I'll just stop now...

What are some of you're favorite things lately?
Anything similar to mine?

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